Music Income Challenge Overview

The Music Income Challenge is free training to help you to start selling your music online. This video gives an overview of the steps involved before you can start selling successfully and help you to raise your first dollar online.

Why are we looking at only earning a single dollar?

First of all, because you have to start somewhere. Yeah, it would be great to sell thousands of dollars each month and quit the day job, but realistically most of us are going to have an extremely hard time getting to that level of sales. So rather than set the bar too high and become potentially demoralized if we can’t hit those targets I find it’s often more rewarding to start small and build from there.

Secondly, if you can earn a single dollar – you can turn that into $5, $10, $100 by getting in front of more people and optimizing your conversion rate. But until you make that single sale (and preferably more than just one) you’re not going to know what works or if people are interested in your music/offer.

The “challenge” behind the challenge is: 1) For you to earn your first 1.00 by applying the techniques that I outline in these videos and 2) for me to prove that you can apply direct response and inbound marketing techniques to generate sales of something that doesn’t solve a problem for a consumer – music.

Stay tuned for further training that dives deeper into each of the core modules outlined in this training.

If you want to get started right away instead of waiting, check out this resource I put together for you here to take it to the next level.

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