The Music Income Challenge

Happy New Year!

As I write this, we’re already more than 10 days into this new year of 2014 and I’ve been working hard on establishing some new habits that will allow me to reach some lofty goals.

One of my big goals this year is to help you out a lot more with music business, marketing, mindset and the resources that you’ll need along the way to succeed.

I just re-read my epic post from last October entitled: “Your Music Career Will Fail Without This…” and I have to say it’s one of the best posts that I’ve ever written. I sincerely hope that you take the 10 minutes or so to read it – it’ll help to make sure that your head is screwed on right if you want to make some significant headway this year to earning a full time living as a musician. Please, give it a read if you haven’t already…or simply read it again like I did.

Actually – there’s something I left out in that blog post that is implied…but I didn’t come right out and tell you. It’s the key to me helping you succeed this year as well as you succeeding too.  Stick with me for a bit and I’ll share with you what it is – in the meantime see if you can guess what the answer is….

So here’s the deal. I’ve come up with a little something that I’m calling “The Music Income Challenge”, and if you’re looking to start earning an income with your music online, or earning more or more consistent income then I do hope that you’ll check it out.

I’m calling it the Music Income Challenge for a few reasons…

Number one – it’s about generating income, period. I don’t care how many Twitter followers, Facebook “friends” or whatever you have…at the end of the day it’s about making money. Without money, you’ll either bleed away your money and have to give up or forever be a hobbyist.

It’s not about the marketing. It’s not about tips, strategies and secrets – it’s about money at the end of the day.

And the bulk of this income should come from the music you make, or at least be music related – that way you can eventually give up the typical ‘day job’ and focus on music more often.

So that explains the “music” and the “income” part of the name – why “challenge”?

The challenge comes in for two reasons…actually…three reasons. 1) The challenge is for YOU to earn money with what I’m going to teach you. The challenge is for you to take action and make things happen. 2) The challenge is on me to teach you well enough that you can actually make the money. The goal is income – it can be $1 or $10 or $100 – but it has to be something. When you have some income, it’s possible to build it up – if you have zero than 2x zero or 10x zero is still a heck of a lot of nothing…

The third reason for “challenge” is that I’m also partly inspired by Ed Dale’s “Challenge” that he puts on each year. I’m not saying the Music Income Challenge is going to be the same, or as good…but I think it’s awesome because it’s training for people to learn the fundamentals and apply them to generate income of some kind – which is what I want to do for you.

Lastly, the initials are: M.I.C. – which is not only an instrument, but rhymes with my first name “Mike” – pretty cool eh? (Okay, maybe not…I am easily amused I suppose).

So enough about why I’m calling this M.I.C. and more about what it means to you. I’m going to do weekly training on the things that you need to know to make money as a musician today.

I’ve heard from musicians that they want more case studies, they want the real stuff. They want to know that THEY can do it, not just musicians that were already famous, on a major label or had some type of advantage that the typical ‘normal’ musician doesn’t have.

Okay, so the goal is to do a training each week – I’m not sure how long each session will be – maybe 15 to 60 minutes tops…and chances are there will be some homework to do, otherwise it’ll be hard for you to make any progress towards making money with your music….

So what was the thing that I didn’t say explicitly in my blog post that both you and I need to succeed?

In the post I mentioned that “consistency” is what you need to succeed – what I didn’t say is that for you to do something consistently, you obviously have to commit to doing the thing/activity each day…which means you need to first carve out room in your life to fit in the new activity.

If you don’t make in your life and commit to the process…you’ll never have the chance to do the required action enough for it to become a positive habit and become consistent in your life. Consistency allows you to build up momentum, which allows you to roll right over the problems that stop other musicians dead in their tracks!

So what’s the catch?

This training is going to be 100% free – but it won’t be available forever.

You see – it’s only human nature to put something off until later. So if I make this training available forever…there will always be something more important for you to do and you’ll put off watching it.

So MIC will be available for 7 to 10 days only…

…the new training will be compiled into a full blown course. It will be VERY affordable but not free. So this is your chance to watch it all for FREE.

So, if you want to start earning more money with your music in 2014 – leave me a comment. Let me know what the single biggest problem is that you’re facing with making money as a musician online right now.

Since it’s doubtful that most people will read this far – chances are very good that if I like your idea – it could be one of the very first MIC training sessions that I do.

Thanks for reading – and stay tuned for the Music Income Challenge (coming soon).



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