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If you’ve been looking into John Oszajca’s Music Marketing Insider Circle and wondering if it’s right for you – keep reading. I’ve been a member of the Insider Circle since late August of 2011 and will give you my assessment on whether it’s right for you or a waste of time and money.

First of all, I’m sure you’ve probably taken the time to do some research on John Oszajca – he was signed to a major label deal (I think it was with Interscope in 1999) and even performed at Woodstock ’99.
Eventually he was dropped and wanted to get more in control of his music career and started experimenting with pay per click advertising and learning internet marketing principles and using it to promote his own music.
In the process he became financially independent building up income from internet marketing plus promoting his own music online while managing marketing promotions for some others (like the setting the all time single day sales record at CD Baby while promoting Billy Burke’s CD).
Needless to say, John is pretty unique online having not only been on the receiving end of the coveted ‘major label record deal’ that most of us dream about getting and being on the leading edge of where the music industry is going with internet marketing and direct response marketing.
For this reason, John is one of the people I trust the most for creating a career as a musician in the industry as it exists today (both confusing and wide-open at the same time).
Not only does he know his stuff, but John has replied personally to every email that I’ve ever sent him.
So what about the Insider Circle?
The Insider Circle is already a good sized community that is very receptive and helpful with each other. John has a big presence in there, answering questions, interacting and providing new monthly trainings and coaching calls each month.
The trainings take his concepts from the Music Marketing Manifesto and build on them; inside you’ll find more advanced strategies and techniques as well as cutting-edge ideas as they develop.
John doesn’t hold back and reveals the exact way that he does what he does – to be able to get this information directly from the ‘horse’s mouth’ (so-to-speak) is invaluable!
There are so few people out there that can blend the online marketing and the music business together and succeed with it, that I’m constantly amazed at how accessible John is for the single low monthly rate – not sure if that will always be the case?
However, there’s more to this than just John.
First of all, there are the monthly trainings which often include interviews from respected experts – like the List Building training where John brought in a surprise expert mentor that taught him everything he knew.
Lessons often consist of video, slides PDF documents and often free software that John has acquired to help you execute on specific tactics he teaches. There’s also a dedicated place in the forum to discuss the lessons or ask any questions you may have.
Speaking of the forum, as I write this there are well over 300 members (update the forum shows 1258 members but I think that’s the total amount since the forum went live several years ago)- so not only are you getting direct access to John’s experience, but there are others members that also bring their internet marketing and music experience to the table.
You’ll often see others who are exactly in your shoes and asking the questions that you’d like to ask – so the forum works on many different levels. It’s great having access to a place where the people get what you’re trying to accomplish and can either help you directly or point you in the right direction!
The members really do their best to help you out. I’ve seen certain members post their email sequence and get valuable advice from their peers for free!
There is plenty of resources that are mentioned both in John’s lessons plus in the Insiders Forum that most musicians would never know exist – much less how they can be used to help market your music online.
I know what you’re thinking – there must be some downside to this program right? Well, initially John said that it was more for the ‘marketing nerds’ and to some extent I agree:
  • If you’re really not interested in learning about the marketing aspects required to get your band to build an audience and sustain a decent income – then this isn’t for you.
  • If you’re easily overwhelmed by information and executing on what you learn – this may not be for you either. Right now there is several years worth of content available if you joined today – you’ll need to pace yourself and execute what you learn slowly or you’ll probably just become paralyzed with overwhelm.
  • Lastly, the Insider Circle is the next step after the Music Marketing Manifesto training – if you haven’t taken that or don’t have a firm grasp on how to market your band using squeeze pages, Twitter, Facebook and other digital marketing methods – you should probably start there first.I’m not saying that you can’t get up to speed without the Music Marketing Manifesto training, but it will be like putting the cart before the horse!
  • I highly recommend the Insider Circle to anyone that wants to be on the cutting edge of marketing their music online, who wants to take control of their music careers rather than wait to be discovered, be beautiful and under 15 years old to have a shot at getting signed (I’m only exaggerating slightly there)!
  • If you can imagine having a music career on your terms, where you play the music and the venues that you want, as often or as infrequently as you want – then that is the dream that is possible if you’re prepared to work hard and learn techniques beyond singing, performing and playing an instrument.
That training exists in the Insider Circle – it’s only up to you on whether you have the persistence to build a lasting career on your terms. There’s no guarantees because everyone is different and many just aren’t as committed to make it in music as they might think they are.
If you’re among the few that are ready to do something different and get real tangible results, John Oszjaca’s Insider Circle is definitely a worth checking out.
It’s $27 each month – but that is a steal for what you get. I’ve heard of similar training that is offered to internet marketers that is usually $67 – $97/month and often the ‘marketing guru’ in question won’t even be active in the forums; John’s in there day in and day out and has well over 2,000 posts at the time that I’m updating this article.
John’s gone out of his way to offer top-notch information at a musician-friendly price.
Heck, even watching the video will teach you a thing or two about the realities of the music business today! So check it out and see if the Music Marketing Manifesto Insider Circle is right for you.
This article includes my affiliate links for the Music Marketing Manifesto Insider Circle. If you choose to click on one of the links above and then proceed to purchase I will receive compensation. I’ve been a participant in the Insider Circle for almost four years and give it my full recommendation if you’re looking for the latest music marketing strategies and are prepared to apply what you learn.
Having said that, if you’re just starting out or never plan to create original music of your own, this is probably not the right program for you.

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