The 1,000 Fan Formula 2014 Update

A little over four years ago I wrote the 1K Fan Formula and made it available on my website – chances are if you’re my subscriber today – it’s because you opted in to get your copy of that report.

But four years is a lifetime when you’re dealing with anything to do with online marketing – and music is no exception.

What’s changed? What is still working? Where are things going? 

I made a short update to the 1K Fan Formula that touches on some of these questions.
You can grab your copy here: —> 1K Fan Formula 2014 Update

Also – I’ve been doing a little training called the Music Income Challenge which begins where the 1K Fan Formula left off. I have a series of video trainings that will be released shortly. If you’re looking for ‘next steps’ I suggest you check those out.





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