How to start selling your music online


If you’ve been wondering how to start selling your music online – then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m going to share with you the four key ingredients that you need to start selling your music online so that you can make your first dollar from the internet as a musician.

Why is this important?

Because if you can make even just $1, then that means that by applying proven marketing and business concepts – you can turn that dollar into $2, into $6 into $12 into $24 into $48 etc.

I call this the Music Income Amplifier (name change is pending).

But, just like the most powerful amplifier can’t make a broken guitar (with zero output) sound louder – a broken business that can’t generate a single dollar cannot be amplified into a more profitable income stream.

How can I help you double your online music sales if your current sales are zero? It’s not going to happen.

So this is the idea behind what I’ve called the Music Income Challenge (M.I.C.) – where I challenge you to earn your first $1 online using proven digital marketing fundamentals…and I challenge myself to show you how to do it.

Fair enough?

So let’s do this…

The four things that you need to make money online with your music are:

1) Your own original music in a consumable digital format (i.e. MP3, wav etc.)

2) An offer – a way to make your music appealing enough to someone to want to give you their email…or even their own hard-earned cash in exchange for your music.

3) An audience who wants what you have – this is where the marketing part comes in.

4) A way to deliver and collect payment for your item.

Put another way, what you need is

  1. A product – needs to be of good quality in both sound and appearance
  2. An offer (on a landing page with only one action they can take)
  3. A venue where you can reach your audience in an affordable way
  4. A shopping cart to collect the money and deliver your product.

There you go – now go out there and make some money!

What? You need a little more help than just that?  Okay, how about this…

I’m going to walk through each of these steps and show you exactly how I would go about doing this were I still in a band right now. All you have to do is show up, ask questions and apply what I teach you…is that fair?

Will you take action, or will you just read this for entertainment and lose the chance to earn your first buck online with music?

That’s up to you.

The challenge is on.  I’m going to help you make your first $1 online or…I’m going to close down the website.

No use having if I’m not able to help people with what I’m teaching – so that’s my guarantee to you.

Either I help you make your first buck online, or I’ll shut down my website.

So we both have some skin in the game here. Are you up for this?

If so – then I want you to click this link (coming soon) and register for this powerful training. I’m not sure how long I’ll leave it open to the general public, so if you want in…you need to make up your mind pretty fast.

So decide now – I help you make a $1 online or I’ll shut down my website.

I’m not kidding – and April 1st was well over a month ago…so this is real.

Let’s do this – Click here to register for the Music Income Challenge.

Image Credit: David Guo

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