Make a Full Time Income Survey Results

A while back I did an anonymous survey and invited everyone who downloaded my 3 Steps to making a full time income as a musician report to respond.

(If you were one of the people who took the time to fill out the survey - thank you!)

So - the results are in, and I wanted to share them with you so you can see if you agree with your fellow musicians on what's REALLY holding you back from the success that you deserve.  Watch the video below:


Okay - so according to the video, you want to hear more about Marketing and Time Management to help you succeed and create a full time income. So I'm putting together a special FREE training that you can sign up for here:

This is part of my commitment to doing whatever I can to help you succeed with your music career, so sign up to get free access to this special training for everyone who downloaded the report and responded to my survey.


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