Is Fandalism another Myspace in the making?

Hunting for other musicians to collaborate with is one of the hardest challenges, but that might be a thing of the past if Philip Kaplan has his way. The new site called Fandalism is one part social network and one part database that allows musicians to sign up and enter basic information such as preferred … Read more

STP | How Not To Build a Fanbase

Cover of Stone Temple Pilots Let me start off by saying that I enjoy the Stone Temple Pilots music, and I’m not slamming them in anyway what-so-ever. Having said that, I have some serious doubts about their website. Have you seen it? If not, let me tell you that it is pretty slick. When you … Read more

Two Great Web Sites For Indie-Bands

[ad#inpost]In the last few months I’ve stumbled upon two web sites that I think independent bands should know about, they are Reverb Nation and Artists House Music. Reverb Nation is pretty much the musician/band version of Myspace on steroids! The amount of tools offered to bands is pretty outrageous; everything from unlimited hosting of your … Read more