Two Great Web Sites For Indie-Bands

[ad#inpost]In the last few months I’ve stumbled upon two web sites that I think independent bands should know about, they are Reverb Nation and Artists House Music.

Reverb Nation is pretty much the musician/band version of Myspace on steroids! The amount of tools offered to bands is pretty outrageous; everything from unlimited hosting of your songs, fan list management, widgets that you can put on Myspace, your web site, or Facebook plus detailed stats that measure the number of fans you have and their relevant demographics.  They also keep adding more and more features as well.

Just like myspace – it’s free to join up, and they’re even willing to pay you for the traffic that you bring to the site via your page.  It’s not huge money, but they’re still willing to split half of it with you…I wouldn’t hold my waiting for Myspace to follow suit!

Artists House Music is a terrific resource for bands that are starting up or looking to get their ‘shit together’. This site has a bevvy of videos online that you can watch for free that cover a wide range of music busness topics. You can learn about how to get your career off on the right foot, or even view a music business 101 class from a former label executive and musician by the name of George Howard. You can see for yourself here: Music Business 101 (part 1/3).

I highly recommend both sites.  Take the time to visit them and use them to their fullest. You’re bound to learn a thing or two that will put you on the right track or expand from your current position.

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