Bootstrap Marketing for musicians cover graphic Bootstrap Marketing for Musicians

This guide resolves to help musicians get on the path to generating revenue by starting out with a bootstrapping mentality in mind. Find out how to effectively manage your time, reduce overwhelm and focus on what really matters.

Comes with bonus video training on a powerful resource that most musicians either don’t understand or use for maximum benefit.

The Music Income Amplifier

This course begins where the Bootstrap Marketing training ends and walks you through step-by-step how to setup web analytics on your website so that you can work smarter and not harder.

After implementing this training you’ll:

  • Know where to focus your efforts for promoting your music online
  • Be able to shave hours off your weekly music marketing efforts while growing new subscribers faster
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your audience based on what they do instead of guessing what they want
  • Includes the latest version of the full Bootstrap Marketing Training Guide

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The cover for Real World Band Websites on Amazon


Real World Websites For Musicians

This is a Kindle book that I have on – you can also read it as a PDF document. In it I share the basics that you need to get your website domain name, hosting as well as plugins and resources where you can do it yourself and save a bunch of money.

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