Is The 1,000 True Fans Theory A Piece of Crap?

For almost five years now, I’ve been a fan of the 1,000 True Fan theory; you know, the idea that if you have 1000 true fans willing to pay you $100 each per year = a pretty good living as a musician.

But years later and what has really changed?

Is the 1,000 True Fans theory just smoke and mirrors? Is anyone really making a full time living who wasn’t before the record industry tanked?

I wish I could say definitively that it is working or it isn’t; unfortunately it seems to be in a bit of a limbo.

I like the theory, I really really like the theory. I’ve heard it repeated in other places outside the Music Marketing niche…but I’m still not sure if a) it works or b) musicians can make it work for them.

Maybe there’s too much mental gymnastics involved to get musicians to profit from their own music?

…I still haven’t gotten the answer to that question.

I’ve been fired up about helping musicians make money selling their own music for a while; even thought I’d create myself a Music Income Challenge to see if I couldn’t help some musicians take that next step.

A lot of these ideas didn’t translate into reality for whatever reason, I’m sure I can give you at least a half dozen reasons why…

But even so, I didn’t feel great about leaving those of you who requested and downloaded the 1,000 Fan Formula with some solid concepts, a few hints and then a ‘good luck and godspeed’ send off.

I think more than a few of you have been wondering, “Now what?”.

But if I’ve learned anything from my past of over promising – I need to be realistic with how much I can actually help any of you with what and I know and the time that I have.

So instead of putting together an elaborate training that lasts six weeks, has 30 videos and 8 step by step walk-thru tutorials, I’m thinking of keeping things a little more condensed this time around.

I’m talking about a “cheat sheet” with tactics that you can start using right now to do a few of the core requirements (in my humble opinion) of making the 1K Fan Formula work:

  • Find your audience
  • Grow your email list
  • Nurture your audience
  • Sell your music
  • Acquire a tribe

This is strictly an MVP approach to see if anyone out there is interested in hearing what I have to say about building a career by selling your music and leveraging the internet, technology and marketing for all its worth.

So if you’re interested in my 1,000 Fan Formula Cheat Sheet – the steps to take after you’ve completed reading the 1,000 Fan Formula and 1,000 Fan Formula Update and are thinking “now what?” – then sign up here.

Once you do that, let me know what you need the most help with in reaching your 1,000 true fans and I’ll do my best to ensure the topic is covered the cheat sheet.


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