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Fast Forward To Fame's creator: Cari Cole

There’s a launch going on currently for a 12 week coaching program called Fast Forward to Fame by Cari Cole that I thought I’d share with any readers who haven’t already heard about it. I’m a little late in sharing the details, as a week back or so Cari had a bunch of prelaunch videos and downloads that appear to have gone offline as I write this.

Cari is yet another person out there that is looking to help musicians today make the most of their music career via music business coaching, and one of the things that I love about her prelaunch material I checked out last week is that she talks frankly about money and how important it is for musicians to wrap their head around how to make it and how to get the roadblocks out of their way to attracting more money into their lives.

I also love how she’s upfront that you need to have a handle on the business end of things if you want to make a go of it as an independent artist today.

Having said that – I’m not overly keep on the word ‘fame’, but that’s just me. I think there is a substantial amount of people who think they want fame and use music as only a vehicle to get it.

However, since Cari is upfront with what her program is about (everything from the business, productivity and motivation to making your website work for you) I can forgive the fact that there’s the word “fame” in the name of her coaching program.

Anyway, her program is open but there are only a few spots. I think it’s worth checking out her Fast Forward to Fame site to see the video she made that shares some great advice while revealing more details on what her program is about.

Here’s the (non-affiliate) link:

From what I can gather, Cari started out as a vocal coach and has broadened her horizons to go far beyond that. She’s also an artist herself – but you can find out more at her site.

Now, she’s not giving away her expertise for nothing, it’s definitely not cheap. I also question her math when it comes to what a newbie artist gets paid per gig ($500?) which certainly isn’t true in my experience – and may not be true for you – but could be the standard in New York City where Cari operates her business.

I’m not promoting her as an affiliate because I know nothing about her and have only just checked out her launch material. However, I think she’s sharing some great free content so you have little to lose to check it out and see if it works for you.

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Lastly, before you invest money in any training – do a gut check and ask yourself a few tough questions. Are you going to dedicate the time to focus on the program and give it your all? Cari Cole mentioned in her online question and answer session that her students should expect to spend 4 to 5 hours a week on the material. That’s a pretty small price to pay to invest in yourself and build a sustainable music career – but many will still end up drawn to watch the TV instead.

Which one are you?

The program starts November 15th, 2011. So depending on what you have going on in your life – now might not be the right time. Also, this coaching is recommended for artists that already have their own music and are looking for guidance on how to get it out there; if you’ve never written a single song or never performed in front of a live audience – this training is probably a few levels over your head.

Check it out and share what you think – is Fast Forward to Fame by Cari Cole for real?



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