WordPress Squeeze Page Setup for Musicians

If you’re a student of online music marketing and follow what people like John Oszajca, Greg Rollett and many others teach – you need a squeeze page setup to begin building a list and taking control of your music career.

The thing is, this is often easier said than done – especially with WordPress.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress (the self-hosted .org version). It’s easy to use, powerful as hell and there’s a plugin that you can find to handle just about anything you can dream of using a website for.

But one thing that WordPress can’t do very well out of the box is create a squeeze page.

Sure, there are themes out there that you can buy like Optimize Press or the Profit Theme, but the problem is these will cost you $97 or so and will change the entire look of your website. If you’ve already customized a WordPress site to look the way that you want, using a theme-based solution will mean you’ll have to give it up just to have easy squeeze page capabilities.

So what can you do about this?

Well, if you don’t mind putting in a little elbow grease and have some time to spare, you can FTP an html squeeze page to your hosting account and send traffic there. If memory serves, both John Oszajca and Greg Rollett have offered free squeeze page templates in the past that you can modify and use for your own purposes.

But that won’t help you very much if you want to run everything out of WordPress.

One thing I’ve tried that has worked with limited results is to open an html-based squeeze page inside a free html editor like Komposer and then paste it into the html tab inside WordPress.

From there, if you’re using a WordPress theme like 2010 – you can also choose a 1 column post page to eliminate all the distracting widgets and links along the right hand side of your page .

Squeeze pages need to be clean and completely focused on giving your prospect the chance to opt in or leave for maximum conversions.

Now, when I’ve tried this in the past I’ve ended up with an okay squeeze page.

The biggest problem is that WordPress doesn’t handle tables very well and most html squeeze pages (that I’ve come across anyway) have invisible table columns as ‘spacers’ to center the squeeze page properly and allow for elements like a video on one side directly beside an opt in on the the other.

Getting these tables to work, especially for someone like myself who isn’t a ‘code monkey’ is a challenge.

I couldn’t make it work with Komposer for whatever reason. I think I found a tip online to create the graphic using Google Docs and cut and paste it into the WordPress html tab in the editor and it did work better.

That’s just an example of some of the hoops that you’ll have to jump through to get a basic squeeze page online and working in WordPress. If you can manage that – hats off to you.

However, if you want another option and a serious shortcut to this whole process that is 100% WordPress friendly I want to share this cool resource I discovered.

It’s called WP Squeeze Pro and it’s from a highly respected internet marketer (and former rapper) by the name of Jason Fladlien and his business partner Wilson Mattos.

What it does is create a squeeze page for you in WordPress in seconds flat. You won’t have to worry about messing around with tables or trying to convert an html squeeze page into one that works (just barely) with WordPress.

What’s more is it comes with 24 squeeze page templates that have been tried and tested by Jason in his own business. You can easily test each squeeze page type against each other until you find one that trumps them all to give you the best possible conversion.

Jason’s had over 100,000 people sign up to his list and has garnered conversions as high as 72.6% with these squeeze pages. Why not borrow some of his effort and expertise to start building your list sooner as opposed to later?

We’re talking awesome looking squeeze pages that you can set up in minutes instead of hours that will work with any theme so that you can keep the current look of your site intact.

So what’s the catch?

Well, WP Squeeze Pro costs $97 which isn’t cheap.

Also, it currently only works with 3 different Auto-responder services: Aweber, Get Response and Inmica mail. However, when you factor in the following:

  • 24 proven templates to choose from – plus you can customize you own
  • Works with any theme (because it’s a plugin)
  • Can use on as many as 20 different instances (unlimited squeeze pages per instance)
  • Have your squeeze page up in minutes instead of hours
  • 30 day guarantee

As far as building a squeeze page in WordPress goes – it just doesn’t get any easier than this as far as I’m concerned. I wish WP Squeeze Pro was around before I wasted all of my time trying to get my first squeeze page to work in WordPress!

And heck, Jason Fladlien is a former musician turned marketer – so you can feel good about buying from him.

Just think about how good it will feel to finally have your squeeze page set up and converting visitors to your list.

Think about how easy it will be to change and test your squeeze page for maximum conversions using and testing each of the 24 different templates.

Imagine what it will be like to see your online audience growing bit by bit every day as you focus on promoting your music instead of getting lost and wasting time with the techie stuff.

Full disclosure – I will receive a commission should you purchase WP Squeeze Pro after clicking on the aboveĀ  link. I only share resources that I think will greatly benefit my readers and that I either use or have investigated personally.


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