How To Grow An Audience with the 1000 True Fans Method

One Thousand True Fans A Full Time Career sm

Module 1: The 1,000 True Fan Theory Explained   Today we’re talking about the 1,000 True Fan Theory and how it can be used to build a sustainable music career. Okay, so why are we talking about the 1,000 True Fan Theory? Well, the reason why we’re talking about it is that when you follow the … Read more

Growing Your Audience by Targeting Three Types of Website Visitors


  Here’s a quick question for you: If you had to choose one of the following and you had only three seconds to think about it, which would you take? More money OR A bigger audience? If you’re anything like the musicians I’ve spoken to, they’d choose a bigger audience. There are many musicians who either … Read more

Get more fans and earn more with smart digital marketing

Smart Marketing Leverage System Thunbnail

The first problem with growing an audience is finding out: Who they are Where they hang out A way to get them to take the first step to becoming a true fan Most of us want to start at the very beginning – getting traffic. The fastest way to do this is to pay for traffic from sites … Read more