Indie Band Websites 6 | The ultimate website solution

UPDATE: April/2011 The video that was on this page (along with 8 or so others) has been lost. I’m in the process of recording and doing a re-release of the videos. I’ll add a link once it’s ready…

Time for the latest installment in my Indie Band Website series – the ultimate website solution. If I left you hanging from the last video, I’m sorry – my attempts to pump out more indie band website videos over the week derailed this past week. However, I’ve again stayed up late on the weekend while tending to sickly family members at the same time – go me!

Anyway, this video reveals what I think is the ultimate website solution software for indie bands. It allows you to set up a site from scratch in minutes (depending on your computer skills) with no need to bother with code or be some kind of a graphic designing genius. You can utilize templates and plugins to customize and optimize your site further; want a shopping cart to sell your merchandise online? Looking to finally set up a members-only area? Want an interactive event calendar on your site like you’ve seen on various other web 2.0 sites? You can do all that and more with the product that I recommend in this video.

Oh yeah – and the software is 100% free. Not for some 30 day trial either…for real! This free product can do things that paid products a few years back could only dream of doing! I’ve been using this software for almost 3 years now and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Anyway, enough of me jabbering about it – take a few minutes of your time (sorry, this one is over 12 minutes I think) and get the low down for yourself on what this software can do for your indie band website.

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