Indie Band Websites Part 2 | Domains

UPDATE: April/2011 The video that was on this page (along with 8 or so others) has been lost. I’m in the process of recording and doing a re-release of the videos. I’ll add a link once it’s ready…

As promised, I’ve recorded part 2 of my Indie Band Website video series (you can also check out part 1: the indie band website overview) this time covering the basic information that you need to know about acquiring your own domain for your band. The video is a little bit long, but besides running through my “Mind Map” presentation, I also pay a visit to 4 domain registrars, a few of which you may never have even heard of before.

I walk you through some of what you can expect when you go through the buying process and what to avoid. I still ramble on a bit, but hopefully you’ll come out of the video with a deeper understanding of what to watch out for before you commit to buying your own domain.

I realized right in the middle of this video that I didn’t actually show you how to point your domain name to a website, so I’ll include that somewhere else down the line. This video was intended as an overview of what you need to know about domain names before you go out and buy.

My bandwidth is holding up okay right now – so I’m going to keep embedding the video on this blog – but for how much longer? This video is also almost 2 minutes shorter than my last one, so for those that think I talk too much – I’m at least headed in the right direction!

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