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UPDATE: April/2011 The video that was on this page (along with 8 or so others) has been lost. I’m in the process of recording and doing a re-release of the videos. I’ll add a link once it’s ready…

Okay, we’re back to our regularly scheduled indie band website coverage. This is part 8 in my band website series where I reveal two great companies to get your hosting from if you want to save yourself anywhere from $15 or more each month without missing out on the main features offered by Hostbaby.

This video clocks in at a little over 21 minutes, sorry…but I took a little time off from recording these videos and my long-winded-ness returned with a vengence! However, it’s worth it to find out how to save some money and still create a kick-butt website right? You can watch the video below.

Click Here to Get Hostgator Hosting for less

For those that watched the video and were wondering about the surprise I mentioned, here’s the scoop: if you’ve decided that Hostgator is the right webhosting service for you, you can get your first month for only 1 cent! All you need to do is click on my sponsored link (or if you’d rather I don’t get a commission for sharing this info with you, go straight to to bypass my link), choose the plan you want and enter the coupon code “404PAGE” (without quotes) and you’ll automatically get the first month of your hosting for only one cent – pretty cool. Here’s the link again:

Click Here to Get Hostgator Hosting for less

Just make sure you put enter coupon code 404PAGE in while your going through the shopping cart or else you’ll miss out on the discount!

If you’re looking for quality web hosting with lots of features, limited storage and for less cash – make sure you visit – you’ll want to click on the “Linux” page at the top of the page, then click on the “Classic Geek” plans and choose the one that’s right for you. In the video I mainly talk about the Mini Geek Plus web hosting plan, but if you want to save even more money and don’t want more than a single domain you can get the Mini Geek web hosting plan for about $2 per month! You’ll only have 150 megabytes of storage and 5 GB of bandwidth. You can get by with this if you don’t have hundreds of visitors everyday and if you go lightly on the rich media files (photos, videos and music) on your site.

Remember, you can always start small and scale up as you go.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video and learned that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to have a feature-rich and fully functional band website!

Click Here to Get Hostgator Hosting for less

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