Grow Your Email List With Youtube

I somehow missed hearing about this new feature at Youtube where you can now create Youtube playlist introductions and outros. This allows you to plug your email list to those who are checking out your videos on Youtube – pretty cool!

You can add either a slide with 2 lines of text, or you can shoot a brief video of you speaking to your viewers or thanking them for watching.

This allows you to leverage your video content and get more people over to your mailing list (you do have one don’t you?); it would be fantastically short-sighted for anyone not to get more people onto their mailing list.

Youtube can be a significant source of traffic – especially for musicians, so get on this right away! All you need is an autoresponder and a half decent squeeze page or landing page and some videos to get this working for you.

For more about this check out this post from FanBridge

Note – I’m not endorsing FanBridge or their landing pages – I think you should own/control as much of that side of your business as possible. However, they are providing great content in this post that I think can help you grow your audience and get that one step closer to making a full time income as a musician – so check it out and make it happen!

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