Gmail Changes Could Hurt Open Rates

Gmail tabs could hurt your open rateRegardless of whether you’re a fan of Google or not – you need to take action about a change they made with Gmail that could hurt your open rates.

Gmail has now added three tabs that automatically filter your inbox for you. They are:

  1. Primary
  2. Social
  3. Promotions

I first noticed the changes about 10 days ago, but apparently they are still being phased in depending on what part of the world you’re in.

Now at first, as purely a Gmail user – I kind of liked the change. Immediately, my inbox was less cluttered and the social media notices and promotional emails where conveniently filtered away where I could check them out later when I had more time.

The problem is – who ever ends up having “more time”? Certainly not me.

The other problem is, though technically filtered into the “promotions” tab – there are some valuable emails that I get sometimes every day that I look forward to that I was starting to miss, simply because of the change.

When I saw the backlash from the marketing circles about this presumption of Google/Gmail to just automatically filter everyone’s email without any permission and compared my own experience on missing out on “promo” emails that I actually wanted to read in a timely fashion – I realized that there had to be a solution.

Thankfully, I first heard about how to address this issue from Derek Halpern and Marie Forleo. It only takes a few minutes and I show you how to do it in this video.

Now, not only is this important for the emails that you receive, but don’t forget that anyone receiving your emails most likely will have you filtered into the promotions category as well unless you have them take the steps I showed you in the video.

So make sure you let your fanbase know as well – that if they use Gmail they need to take control of their inbox right away.

Was this video useful? What do you think of the changes to Gmail? Is Google on the right track with this update or are they doing more harm than good? Have you say in the comments below.

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