The Dialed-In Musician

Welcome To The Dialed-In Musician

This is a training with the purpose to give any musician who creates their own music the best opportunity to leverage the internet to grow their audience and sell more of their music online.

It builds upon online marketing fundamentals including:

  • Building a list of potential fans in a variety of ways
  • Identifying potential fans by how they act rather than what they say
  • Understanding your fans and giving them more of what they want
  • Taking ownership of your web presence so that you can succeed on your terms.
  • Creating opportunities to get paid along with ways for your audience to volunteer to pay more for what they value.

To make your success a reality, I focus on the following overarching themes:

  1. Ownership – creating a hub that you own and operate on your terms.
  2. Leveragegetting the most you can with the resources you have; particularly the 24/7/365 and potential worldwide audience provided by the internet.
  3. More “Human Than Human” Systems – the ability to create a bigger impact with less effort on an on-going basis by the use of smart systems.
  4. Measurement – What to track and how to track it so that you progress each week toward your goals.
  5. The 1,000 True Fan Approach – The concept that musicians can earn a 6 figure income by serving a small group of true fans rather than becoming a household name the world over.

The Dialed-In Musician training program
is currently closed. 

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Thank you,

Mike Ippersiel
The Indie Band Alliance