Find Your Prospective Audience

how to find your prospective music audience

Hey it's Mike from the Indie Band Alliance and welcome back to module 3 - Finding Your Prospective Audience.So why do you need to find your audience?Well you need to know who your audience is if you want to actually get paid, and you need to get paid if you want to sustain your music ... Read more

Your Music Career Will Fail Without This...

Thanks for tuning into this message, I'm about to unleash the best music advice I think I've ever possibly offered to anyone...and in case you're wondering it isn't to "quit while you're ahead."No, it's pretty simple to grasp. It doesn't involve any real money - but can definitely save you a ton. Plus without it ... Read more

Meet the Anti-Rockstar

Hi, my name is Mike and I'm an Anti-Rockstar.What the heck is an anti-rockstar? Well, lets just say it's someone that isn't worried about the hype, the fame or the rock star lottery fantasy (you know, where something magical happens and you live the sex - drugs and rock n' roll life style until the ... Read more