Growing Your Audience Lesson 2: Know Your Numbers

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  Welcome to module 2 - Know your numbers.Now, if you haven't watched module 1 or lesson 1 about the 1,000 True Fan theory...I highly recommend you go back and watch that before you continue watching this because it will make a lot more sense.But otherwise, let's get into this.So, "Know Your Numbers" - doesn't sound ... Read more

How To Grow An Audience with the 1000 True Fans Method

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Module 1:┬áThe 1,000 True Fan Theory Explained Today we're talking about the 1,000 True Fan Theory and how it can be used to build a sustainable music career.Okay, so why are we talking about the 1,000 True Fan Theory? Well, the reason why we're talking about it is that when you follow the 1,000 True Fan ... Read more