Is Fandalism Worthy of the Hype?

I wrote about Fandalism in a previous post where I likened it to Myspace because it’s geared to solving a problem for musicians (networking and finding cool musicians to form bands/create music with) in much the way that Myspace solved the problem of getting a web presence and music online for free back in the […] ...

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Is Fandalism another Myspace in the making?

Hunting for other musicians to collaborate with is one of the hardest challenges, but that might be a thing of the past if Philip Kaplan has his way. The new site called Fandalism is one part social network and one part database that allows musicians to sign up and enter basic information such as preferred […] ...

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Rich Band, Poor Band

Chris Jackson talks about one of the messages behind the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad with a band context to it. I definitely recommend that more musicians read this book! Rich Band, Poor Band ...

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