WordPress Squeeze Page Setup for Musicians

If you’re a student of online music marketing and follow what people like John Oszajca, Greg Rollett and many others teach – you need a squeeze page setup to begin building a list and taking control of your music career. The thing is, this is often easier said than done – especially with WordPress. Now… Read More »

Permission Marketing for Musicians

Have you ever heard of the phrase permission marketing? if not, read on. I recently had a few people assume that I wanted to be on their mailing list and guess what – it’s not cool. Not only that, but it’s technically illegal because it violates CANSPAM laws. Here’s the clincher, the people who have… Read More »

Finding Fans with Amazon.com

One question that repeatedly comes up is how do bands find their audience? So I thought I’d share a neat tip that allows you to start finding fans with Amazon.com today. One of the concepts I teach in the 1K Fan Formula is to find SSBs (similar sounding bands) to yours and build up your… Read More »

John Oszajca Interview | Marketing is Power

www.indiebandalliance.com/go/mmanifesto2.0/ I recently had the opportunity to chat with John Oszajca of the Music Marketing Manifesto.com; John’s a singer/songwriter/musician who’s been signed to a major deal, went independent and embraced marketing to carve out a successful career for himself today. He now splits his time between LA and New Zealand and makes music on his… Read More »

What Your Band Needs To Succeed Online

Out of the blue I was inspired to write a post called Why Your Band Sucks; however I did some research and read a bunch of other stuff out there about the topic. It threw me off so this is what you’re getting instead – What Your Band Needs To Succeed Online. Keep It Simple… Read More »