Youtube Music Marketing Tips

Here are some of the best YouTube Music Marketing tips that I’ve learned over the last while that you can use to get your band more views at the most popular video site on the net. Before I dive into the good stuff, there are a few things you should know first. Did you know […] ...

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STP | How Not To Build a Fanbase

Cover of Stone Temple Pilots Let me start off by saying that I enjoy the Stone Temple Pilots music, and I’m not slamming them in anyway what-so-ever. Having said that, I have some serious doubts about their website. Have you seen it? If not, let me tell you that it is pretty slick. When you […] ...

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Split | A New Way To Get More Gigs

Hey everyone, This will be a short post to mention a new service that I just heard about today called Split Gigs. This site is basically a social networking site for musicians revolving around the concept of finding or hosting shows. All you have to do is visit their site and sign up for a […] ...

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