Music Marketing Manifesto Bonus

What You Get

  • You'll get specific training on how to measure your music marketing efforts so that you focus only on what works. This allows you to stop wasting time on activities that don't directly help you to sell more music or build your audience; so you can get back to performing and writing more music instead of being chained to a desk trying to promote yourself online.
  • The training is delivered via video "over-the-shoulder" style presentations, so you can see exactly what you need to do to get website tracking working for you.
  • This can be done for no additional cost if you already own a website and have hosting for it.

Why You Want This

  • ?This training compliments the Music Marketing Manifesto training, so you'll get even more out of your investment.
  • If you don't use Aweber as your email service provider, you'll not be able to measure your results the way John describes in some of his training.
  • Signing up for Aweber will cost you approximately $20/month recurring. This training shows you a free way to track and gain more insights on your marketing efforts online - with zero on-going costs.
  • This training sells for $27 every day. - but you're getting it for free as a bonus when you purchase the Music Marketing Manifesto through my link.
  • Super secret reason - this was training that was originally going to be delivered as part of John's Music Marketing Manifesto Insider Circle mastermind group. Due to technical difficulties and some scheduling conflicts this training never saw the light of day. But now you can get it for yourself!

How To Get It Fast

  1. Tell me where to send your bonus training by [thrive_2step id='1975']clicking here[/thrive_2step]
  2. Buy your copy of the Music Marketing Manifesto
  3. Send me a copy of your receipt
  4. You'll be notified by email with your access details to get your free Music Marketing Manifesto bonus training.

Still not sure?

You can check out my Music Marketing Manifesto review post right here, but I’ll also give you a slight recap below.

I’ve been recommending the Music Marketing Manifesto to musicians who want to build their audience and actually make money with their music since 2010.

While a lot of other music marketing training websites have come and gone, John Oszajca is still going strong!

Besides the fact that the Music Marketing Manifesto offers top notch training, John has a customer service team and regularly answers questions in the comment areas in each training section.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone more dedicated to sincerely helping musicians take their career to the next level by leveraging the internet, some hard work and building a loyal audience the right way.

This is why I’m more than happy to recommend the Music Marketing Manifesto to any musician who is serious about doing everything they possibly can to create a sustainable music career.