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Smart Marketing Leverage System Thunbnail

The first problem with growing an audience is finding out:Who they areWhere they hang outA way to get them to take the first step to becoming a true fanMost of us want to start at the very beginning - getting traffic.The fastest way to do this is to pay for traffic from sites like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter. ... Read more

Music Income Challenge Overview

Overview of the music income challenge program

The Music Income Challenge is free training to help you to start selling your music online. This video gives an overview of the steps involved before you can start selling successfully and help you to raise your first dollar online.Why are we looking at only earning a single dollar?First of all, because you have to ... Read more

How to start selling your music online

The American One Dollar Bill

If you've been wondering how to start selling your music online - then you've come to the right place.I'm going to share with you the four key ingredients that you need to start selling your music online so that you can make your first dollar from the internet as a musician.Why is this important?Because if ... Read more