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DIY Band Websites | A professional website is?

Hey everyone, I recently listened to some advice from a couple of music industry professionals that spoke about how important it is to have a ‘professional’ website for your band. While they were quick to point out how important it is to make a good impression on your fans with the appearance of your site […] ...

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Band Promotion via Personal Branding

Hey guys, I’m taking a break from the BOTB topics to share a cool video blog post by a dude who goes by the name of Brian Thompson. I heard of him a few weeks ago completely by accident and was pleasantly surprised that he’s a fellow Canuck, heads up an indie record label and […] ...

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Battle of the Bands Competitions | Fan Appreciation

When it comes to entering a battle of the bands contest, most bands are clearly thinking all about themselves – the prizes, the venue, the judges and all the rest; but what about the fan appreciation? Yes, the fans…remember them? When it comes to most BOTBs, the fans are an afterthought and often get the […] ...

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