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Split | A New Way To Get More Gigs

Hey everyone,

This will be a short post to mention a new service that I just heard about today called Split Gigs. This site is basically a social networking site for musicians revolving around the concept of finding or hosting shows. All you have to do is visit their site and sign up for a free account and you can start looking for gigs. If you take a gig, you’re supposed to return the favour by offering a gig to the host band in return.

This is your basic gig swap, gig trade (or show swap, show trade – call it what you will) scenario, but they also built in a point system. You get awarded 5 points for hosting a gig and 3 points for performing at a gig. Apparently these points add up and allow you to purchase something or other – but that part of it wasn’t clear to me as I surfed through their site.

Here’s a brief intro video from the Split Gigs website.

Is Split Gigs a good idea? Heck yeah – this is a concept that I wanted to introduce to the Indie Band Alliance but I wasn’t sure how to do it. However, the site will live or die by the amount of bands that sign up for an account and are willing to host shows – that’s the tough part. I’m sure billions of bands will want to sign up looking for quick and easy gigs; it’s the bands that are willing to host the event that will be crucial for this site getting off the ground.

I gave it a quick demo to see if there were any bands hosting gigs in my area – no dice, in fact…the closest cities that returned in my initial search were in the U.S. over 1,000 miles away from me.

So, if you like the idea of a site that can help you network and find bands to play a show (or tour) with you and a place where you can hook up some extra gigs – definitely check it out and spread the word. If this site is going to work, you’re going to have to be willing to put some effort into it in the early running. If you looking for immediate gigs, you might have to wait until the site builds up some momentum along with the other bandwagon jumpers!

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Third Anniversary of the Alliance

It’s September and the third anniversary of the Indie Band Alliance website. To mark the event, I plan to release something that has been getting some great feedback so far to the select few musicians who’ve been brave enough to look it over (and actually want to make music for a living).

I’m putting together something special for musicians who are looking for a GPS through the twisted wreckage of the music industry and don’t want to pay out of their ear for a billion different services to have a shot at success.

Most of what I see in the music advice category would have you spending upwards of $50/month to have your own site, an auto responder and the ability to sell one disc full of music online. I think there are other options that can work just as well for cheaper and get you closer to having a full time music career.

My goal is to get you to the point where you can earn a full time income as an independent musician. Getting there is a bit of a journey, but one of the first things to ensure that you can reach escape velocity is to not weigh yourself with anything that is not absolutely vital to your mission. So when I see recommendations for bands to spend $20 bucks here, $15 bucks there and so on per month, well…all that money adds up doesn’t it?

So not only will I give you a goal and help you with the steps to get you there, I’m also going to give you the most affordable options that I know. Cut narrow, cut deep, save money and kick ass! All this and helping you to manage your time so that you still get to play your instrument and not just the (computer) keyboard.

Earn money as a musician and quit the day job, I think that’s what most of us want at the end of the day. Want to make music full time? I can’t wait to share this stuff with you in a few weeks (hopefully sooner)!


Update – Just leave your name and email on the side bar and you’ll get the free report I’ve been hinting at. Not sure how long it’ll be up there for…so grab it while you can!