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Meet the Anti-Rockstar

Hi, my name is Mike and I’m an Anti-Rockstar. What the heck is an anti-rockstar? Well, lets just say it’s someone that isn’t worried about the hype, the fame or the rock star lottery fantasy (you know, where something magical happens and you live the sex – drugs and rock n’ roll life style until […] ...

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The New Music Economy Reviewed

I guess I’m out of the loop, but somehow Mr. Greg Rollett has managed to evade my radar up until recently. I was doing some research on Clickbank of all places when I discovered The New Music Economy – a digital training product for musicians that Rollett released earlier this year. I took a look […] ...

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Band WP Themes

Anyone that’s been paying attention to my last few posts has noticed a lot of content about WordPress, and so the launch of Band WP Themes is timed just about perfectly for me. Band WP Themes is the brainchild of Greg Rollett (of Label 2.0, and The New Music Economy – review coming soon) […] ...

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