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Promote Your Indie Band (and make every gig count)

[ad#inpost]When my band was at its busiest, we had almost every promotional front covered: t-shirts emblazoned with the band logo, a custom banner behind us on stage, posters up throughout the venue, handbills on the tables, and we even incorporated […] ...

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Indie Bands and Electronic Merchandise

By Mike Ippersiel Want to know a great way to make money that bands of today have over the pre-internet acts of yesteryear? Please read my Electronic Merchandise Primer for bands. So what is electronic merchandise (or E-merch for short)?   […] ...

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Indie Band Strategies, goals and tips

By Mike Ippersiel [ad#inpost]Everyone needs a strategy. Whether you’re on a reality TV show, trying to survive a Halo 2 death match or starting up an indie-band, you need to have some goals and an idea of how to get […] ...

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