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Indie Bands | Do it yourself

By Mark Ippersiel [ad#inpost]I was fumbling around with a steam cleaner at 6am on a sunday morning when I had a eureka, this-could-be-a-post moment!  What does a steam cleaner have to do with drums, music or being in a band?  Well absolutely nothing, but the reason I was messing with it was that it was […] ...

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Indie Bands don’t need a Record Deal

By Mike Ippersiel [ad#inpost]The first battle ground for any independent band today is the internet. Getting the coveted major label record deal is pretty much a thing of the past – the labels are losing money and they don’t even pretend to ‘grow’ an artist anymore. You can have a one album deal, or even […] ...

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Indie Band Web Site Basics | Part 3

By Mike Ippersiel   [ad#inpost] Last week, in Band Web Site Basics Part 2, I told you how to set up your own web site for next to nothing. The only potential drawback is you only get 50 megabytes worth of storage. Right now you can purchase gigabyte thumb drives for about $10 – so in […] ...

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Indie Band Web Site Basics | Part 2

By Mike Ippersiel  Getting online Okay, so you found a company that would sell you a domain name for a good price (I hope you didn’t spend more than $15 or so/year) – now what?  I promised you cheap webhosting and an easy to manage website, and now I plan to deliver – read on […] ...

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