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Indie Bands | Do it yourself

By Mark Ippersiel [ad#inpost]I was fumbling around with a steam cleaner at 6am on a sunday morning when I had a eureka, this-could-be-a-post moment!  What does a steam cleaner have to do with drums, music or being in a band?  […] ...

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Indie Bands don’t need a Record Deal

By Mike Ippersiel [ad#inpost]The first battle ground for any independent band today is the internet. Getting the coveted major label record deal is pretty much a thing of the past – the labels are losing money and they don’t even […] ...

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Indie Band Web Site Basics | Part 3

By Mike Ippersiel   [ad#inpost] Last week, in Band Web Site Basics Part 2, I told you how to set up your own web site for next to nothing. The only potential drawback is you only get 50 megabytes worth of […] ...

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Indie Band Web Site Basics | Part 2

By Mike Ippersiel  Getting online Okay, so you found a company that would sell you a domain name for a good price (I hope you didn’t spend more than $15 or so/year) – now what?  I promised you cheap webhosting […] ...

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